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Exciting things all over the place…

Super excited for this weekend—

-Hoosier Crossfit Throwdown is today! And Dad is coming to watch! It means so much to me that he is coming! I just hope the first WOD is exciting and “high energy” rather than max-weight stuff… NOT my forte.

-Tomorrow I am signed up for a cooking seminar with the head chef at the Indiana University Memorial Union at Hoosier Crossfit, where of course yummy food will be consumed! I hope I get some great ideas…

-I can officially say I have mastered the Paleo-Pumpkin-Blueberry-Cinnamon-Pancake. Delicious.

-I can also so I have mastered my own unique Paleo-Pumpkin-Chocolate Chip Cookies. I literally had to spit out a bite and throw out a batch until I got it right.  They are yummmmy! Although I am slightly worried that they are only sweet to me since I have not had much sugar in a few weeks (due to weening myself off of my fruit (ok apple) obsession). But we will see… lie to me if they suck. No actually don’t. I would appreciate feedback!

-I will be in Vail, CO in 6 days. yessssssss : )

-That also means I get to see my seester in 6 days!! Hope NYC hasn’t turned her into an east-coast B*tch ((just kidding Gretch love youu))

-Flight officially booked for a week at Red Mountain Spa in St. George, Utah with Mom! Hiking, Yoga, early morning, clean eating…. I am not going to want to leave.

-I am halfway through my 2nd semester of Grad School. Thank goodness. I hate to admit that everyone was right when they said 2.5 years would fly by and I would survive, but alas- they were right. It is flying. And I am surviving. Who woulda thunk it?? —->Dad did. He’s my #1 Fan.

Huh? Professional Blogger… How?

I just made AWESOME pumpkin/blueberry/cinnamon pancakes— flour free mainly because I don’t have any… but I wont get into my empty fridge and desperate need to visit the grocery…

I wish I got paid to blog. Or made money off of people desperately wanting to know my thoughts on anything and everything… not sure what that job title would be. Professional life blogger? I guess a Kardashian could get away with it… people would actually pay to read about their daily lives. We watch their daily lives (KUWTK), so if Kim K suddenly decided to blog everyday, I have no doubt we Americans would rise up and hang on her every word.

But I mean a normal nobody like Me. No Andrea, it is not possible to be a professional blogger— forget about it ((said in Hugh Grant accent in Mickey Blue Eye’s)).

I guess I want it as more of a secondary job/hobby… there we go that could work. I am essentially trying to be like my favorite bloggers whom I look for updates from every morning:::





If you have not heard/read anything by these three ladies and dude… do it! They are so funny and inspirational and they post the BEST recipes! How does one gain a following such as these fine folk? No idea… still working on that.

The best training program Runners are terrifyed to face…

For most of my running career, the key to being a better runner was simple:

Run more.

It is was what other runners said, it was what coaches said… it was what the elites practiced. The speed and quickness of a runner did seem to correlate with the number of miles put in. But with this relationship also existed another- one that haunts all runners…

Plateaus and Injuries.

You improve and improve…your time drops and drops… then nothing. Your body seems to stop. Both you and your body seem “bored” with the daily grind and you seem stalled at that latest goal you set. And don’t even get me started on injuries. Running is so hard on a body… while we may not be abusing our bodies in the way football and rugby players are, we are cruel to it in another way. Pounding, pounding, pounding away on pavement while we push through (as we are all trained to do-no pain no gain, right?) aches and pains in our feet, shins, knees, hamstrings, quads… do I really need to keep going?

But there is another way! A way that we all assume will help… have heard will work… and yet runners are scared to do it:


But I am a runner! I RUN! That is what I do! That is my High! The running cult community that I am proudly a part of that faces all weather and terrain, busy city streets and deserted roads, awful treadmills or tiny 200m indoor track when an outdoor run is just not possible… the community that stands shivering on the start line of a race at 7am in the winter wearing only shorts/tanks/hats/gloves and who can proudly say that at one time or another have thrown up and/or crapped their pants at the finish line of a race….. this very same community is scared of the “less-running” training program. The cross-training program.

Or in my case, the Crossfit program.

I am the quintessential example of a runner who has finally embraced the “run less to run harder” option of training, via Hoosier Crossfit, and you know what?

—my times have dropped, my miles are faster, my 5k,10k, 1/2 marathon times…… I have PR’d them all. I went from running at least 5 days a week, to sometimes going 2-3 weeks in between runs. What do I do then? — I basically torture myself in many other ways. Anyone who has survived a Crossfit workout can attest to the complete and total body exhaustion and muscle failure that every WOD brings. I am stronger. I am quicker. I am more agile. My body can adapt much more easily to strange movements and varying workouts. Something plain ol’ running never gave me. And when I do get in a run, whether it has only been 1 or 2 days or 2-3 weeks since I last laced up and clicked my watch, I have never lost a second on a route. never lost my endurance or speed…

I have never felt that I have lost my identity as a Runner- something that “we all” deep down, fear.

I just now feel smarter, healthier, and safer in my training and I am seeing direct results on the times on my watch.

So to all the runners out there who are scared to “run less”… give it a shot. I promise you wont be disappointed.

You know, my style of dress fits in much more appropriately in say Denver or Park City…. any where with mountains and a skiing population, than it does in say… Indiana.
Yes you Hoosiers I know I am wearing my Solomon hiking shoes with my smart wool socks pulled all the way up and thermal spandex leggings and a down vest… don’t careee I am mountain deprived and feeling homesick for them.
But Vail skiing in 4 weeks baby!!

Random Updates and Thoughts on Life

1. I now have Spotify, thanks to the Study Abroad office computers refusing to play Pandora. Apparently the software needed to play Pandora needs to be updated, yet the program to download requires administrator consent. So Pandora was a no-go. But downloading Spotify was evidently no problem. Who knows?!

2. The Following is a absolutely terrifying show. Even more so when you live by yourself and you are a big money-saver so your lights are off. Dark and Quiet + Serial Killer show = Holy Sh*t.

***But Kevin Bacon is the greatest… so I will continue watching.

3. For 2 weeks my shoulder was killing me to the point of pulling up my pants, turning my steering wheel, and putting on my coat was a torture method. Today I wake up, and BOOM. Fixed. Literally…. was able to to the WOD without it scaled or altered. : ) Happy!

4. I ordered two new headbands from Junk Headbands and they arrived within 3 days and I am SO EXCITED! Granted, I had them mailed to Carmel because I have a weird thing about trusting packages and apartments and… whatever its just the way I am. So I am pumped for mom and dad to bring them when they come up for dinner this weekend!

5. I am changing around some things in my diet. Yes, all things considering I eat verrry healthy. I don’t crave any desserts, or buttered garlic bread, or greasy fries…. but I do have other “cravings” that, while not of the cookie-category, are my serious downfall and making me cramped/sick/bloated/overly-fibered.

I am in fact talking about, Fruit. I mean LOTS of fruit. Like, 6ish apples, 4ish pears, 1 grapefruit, and a few handfuls of raisins—-Sugar Sugar SUGAR! I could feel a hole being burned in my stomach.  Too much of anything, even what is deemed a “healthy” thing, is a bad thing.

So after talking with my Crossfit coach Jenna, we decided that fruit is my dessert and I should treat it as such until I can control myself to eat moderate amounts. First thing on my plate every meal that MUST be eaten is Protein. Chicken, fish, bison, eggs… Protein baby. Veggies next. I have noooo problem getting veggies in my diet.

And now that we are all bored to tears from reading this….peace out.

I had never jumped on the Keep Calm and Carry On band wagon that so many people have joined.  Unless you have been living under a rock, I am sure you have seen this catchy phrase in a variety of situations— Keep Calm and ((Run, Eat, Dream)) On…or, Keep Calm and (insert sports team: Boiler Up)….

The options for this phrase are endless.  The version of this phrase I have most often seen was the Keep Calm and Kappa On or Keep Calm and Go Kappa.

I did not like how popular this little phrase was.  I did not like the princess-looking crown that was associated with it…. I was not a fan of how people always seemed to ‘bedazzle’ this phrase with gaudy looking diamonds and a pink background on their Iphone case.  Not my style.

But this was all before I learned of its origin.

Great Britain, WW2. 

Ahhh now I get it… and now I love it.  Because what was needed more in war-stricken Great Britain in the 1940’s than a simple, morale-raising phrase?

This short video depicting the discovery of this simple and modest poster changed my perspective and earned my respect for what I now realize is a reminder of the hardships of the everyday fighters on the home-front during a gruesome war that reshaped the world.

Keep Calm and Carry On.

To Challenge

I don’t know “crossfit-lisbeth”…. but I know and love her thoughts. This one on “Challenge” is awesome…. I guess I have never truly considered all the variations of the word Challenge. But the more I think about it… the more I speculate if I am satisfying all the definitions she presents.  Just the word Challenge gets me all revved up.  I am competitive by nature, with myself and everyone.  Her talk of the Burpee Challenge makes me want to drop and do 100 right now.  I thrive on challenges…

I want to take on tasks-big and small. Because a challenge is where you discover yourself, the heights you can reach, the point of pain or doubt that you can push past, and what it really means to conquer the voice in your head that says stop.

Don’t ever stop.

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